We live and breathe BI

Simply put, we live and breath business intelligence (BI). We get a kick out of helping clients know and trust the quality of the information their business depends on. We help them define, plan and execute strategic roadmaps that lead them to exciting destinations like data models that deliver relevant and qualitative data plus business reporting that helps them understand the business impact.We also work with offshore resources, embrace loads of data (the more terabytes the better) and thrive on In-memory technology and developing apps.

We understand that each client needs to be treated differently, so we develop solutions that are tailored to fit each client’s business strategy, values and budget.

Meet the team

The ITerators was hatched in 2008 with three BI savvy partners from Jutland (Denmark) at the helm. Together, we boast more than 30 years of BI experience, 8 of which is within SAP BI. Our CV’s are adorned with a gamut of titles spanning everything from developers and project managers to application and solution architects.

Michael Bisfelt
BI Architect / Principal Partner
With more than 14 yrs. of consultant experience, I’ve delivered solutions within Financial Controlling, Forecast, Consolidation, Logistics and many more. I oversee BI implementation and ensure that the solutions we build using SAP BI tools add business value. I have experience within classic data warehouse solutions, visualization and analytical applications, plus more.
Phone: +45 20 55 05 30
Email: mib@iterators.dk


Jesper Wichmann
BI Architect / Partner

My career began as a SAP consultant more than 15 years ago. I started within FI/CO, but for more than 14 years my primary focus has been on BI. My experience covers a wide range of different industries and reporting areas as well as a large variety of project roles, spanning from Architect, Developer, Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Project Manager.
Phone: +45 20 55 05 29
Email: jwi@iterators.dk


Jakob Dalhøj
Senior BI Consultant

Since majoring in Math and Economics, I’ve been working with all aspects of BI and BM. My skillset includes analysing business requirements and translating these into information architectures, reports and dashboards. I’m a creative thinker and enjoy using the business analytics technologies to deliver solutions that help clients solve complex scenarios.
Phone: +45 29 49 92 93
Email: jda@iterators.dk


Contact Us

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Aabogade 15
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Phone: +45 20 55 05 30