Gazelle Awards

Sustainable growth rewarded with Gazelle awards

September, 2014

We did it…again! The ITerators once again belong to an elite club of up-and-coming Danish companies – better known as a Gazelle company. Even better, we’re amongst the 36% who received the award two years in a row (hey, unabashed bragging is allowed in all modesty). The  Gazelle award, sponsored by the Danish business newspaper Børsen, recognizes companies with continuous growth and profit over a four-year period.

So, what does this award “really” mean to us?
In short, it’s a tip of the hat for all the years of growth, thanks in large part to our amazing clients and an unwavering resolve that there is a market for quality consulting within SAP BI. It also means that we’re on the right path to continue to grow as an organization and continue to scan the landscape for partnerships.

The whole is greater than the sum of our parts.
This award didn’t come by itself, nor did it come as a result of one ITerator. It’s been a team effort (and will continue to be). The most important driver for us is who and what we are. Making sure that we have the right people, with the right skills and the right mindset is what helped get us to this point. We’re honored to see that our strategy of helping clients leverage their BI potential is the right way to sustainable growth – for us and for them.


“For us, this award is like adding a turbo fuel injector to an already supped up motor (sorry for the macho metaphor).”


So now what?
Now that we’ve been acknowledged for sustainable growth, the natural reaction for some may be to lay back, light a Cuban stogie and bask in the limelight. Not-gonna-happen. For us, this award is like adding a turbo fuel injector to an already supped up motor (sorry for the macho metaphor). In fact, our biz philosophy of demonstrating value for money and keeping our client’s goals aligned with new technologies and processes only gets faster and stronger.

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